connect lvds display to rock64?
If you want to make a rock64 notebook can you connect
a lvds display to the computer?

Is a 10 inch hdmi display more expensive than
a similar lvds display?
Thank you.
(08-16-2018, 11:17 AM)heocb Wrote: If you want to make a rock64 notebook can you connect a lvds display to the computer?
Do you see any LVDS or MiPi/DSI  connector on Rock64 ? None (no LVDS or other digital display output on rk3328 low end chip except HDMI).
  • buy converter HDMI->LVDS (but be aware of compatibility)
  • try RockPro64 with MiPi/DSI and eDP interface (but not LVDS and I am unaware if the kernel driver is ready) (or other SBC with rk3288/rk3399 high end chips)
  • search Internet for LVDS SBC board
I left this community in Aug 2019 due to PINE64 refusal to produce/deliver ROCK64-1G version 3 after more than one year of changing statuses to "planning", "evaluating", "releasing", "availability", "estimated availability" and finally "no schedule" Angry. ROCK64 is dead platform without any advantage. Buy Raspberry PI 4 !

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