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Misbehaving keyboard
My Pinebook has been working nicely but a few days ago, several keys started generating spurious characters.  I don't know of anything that triggered it.

The misbehaving keys have changed over time and are currently (using a Dvorak layout): 'x' (keycode 56) generates a spurious 'w' (keycode 59), 'm' (keycgode 58) generates a spurious 's' (keycode 47) and space (keycode 65) generates a spurious 'z' (keycode 61).  In all cases, the autorepeat repeats only the second (spurious) character.

I've tried multiple reboots and power cycles (including disconnecting the battery to force a hard power power cycle) to no avail.  Has anyone else seen anything like this or have any suggestions for what to try.

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