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Today I installed Android on my rock64 4GB. The only version I got to boot and run stable was the stock 8.1 image from a microSD card. It seems running Android off a USB3 disk isn't an option yet? None of the ayufan images that I tried (3.0.13 and 3.0.12) would successfully boot off MicroSD or eMMC for me. Maybe if I tried flashing them with etcher instead of dd or if I used one of the other formats to install. that might help?

The first thing I wanted to experiment with was seeing if I could get my UHD h264 MP4 files to play as well as they do under (the very unstable, unfortunately) LibreELEC under an Android video player. Of the 5 or so video playback apps that I've tried so far, the Media Center app that is included by default with the stock images has fared the best at playing my UHD videos. It gives a decent framerate but it doesn't perform as well as LibreELEC as the audio is out of sync so its better than the other Android players I've tried if not quite fully usable for UHD and 4K playback. I installed the latest KODI but its super bloated and slow and doesn't play videos anywhere near as well as it does under LibreELEC or as well as Media Centre.

mpv has a video-rotate option that I have set to default to 0 on all my computers. This ignores the rotation metadata so that (home) videos (accidentally) filmed in portrait always get played back in landscape. mpv also lets you rotate videos (90 degrees) whilst they are playing. I would find it very useful if Media Center allowed me to do the same. Can it?

Are there any other good (and hopefully free) video playback apps for Android? So far I've tried Media Centre, RKMC, KODI, android-mpv and VLC but I aren't entirely happy with any of them.
I got mpv-android to play my UHD vids but only at about 1 fps or so, maybe less.

mpv-android claims to offer HW accelerated plsyback which it claimed to be enabled but it doesn't look like it is to me. mpv should be able to do at least as well as Media Centre and hopefully better.

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