Resize /Boot mmcblk0p1 on SD?
(06-26-2018, 03:31 PM)chadc Wrote: Does anyone have a clean solution for how to increase the size of the /boot partition on a Ubuntu Mate SD based image?

Issue: I'm trying to install updates and the free 35M (out of 50M) volume is insufficient for the requested 150M of space that Updater wants.

I have plenty of room on my SD card.  However, unless I'm mistaken, /boot must be contiguous.  Since Gparted will only work on non-mounted volumes...

I'm running into issues with an Ubuntu VirtualBox image mounting my SD card via USB adapter.  And the USB based live Ubuntu image is not happy booting with my video configuration.  So, I'm being thwarted from being able to manipulate the partitions on an alternate Linux platform.

Also, does anyone know if mmcblk0p1 must be located in a specific offset on the SD card?  If I have read correctly, Pint64 support MBR type partition tables and should be somewhat flexible?

Ouch. What Image is that with... all the pine64 images as of 0.6.2 should have had a 100MB /boot volume. And was this for a 'normal' update? On a pine64 or pinebook?

I resized mine via Gparted on another linux system to 100MB (back when it was only 70M, meaning you couldn't run the system updater GUI at all.) To capture that USB SD adapter, you may want to checkout out the machine -> settings -> USB -> USB Device Filters section, and add that card reader to the filters. That should make it be automatically captured by the virtual OS when you insert the device, and minimizing the likelihood of the host OS playing silly buggers.

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