tftpboot: efi_load_pe: Invalid DOS Signature
(05-21-2018, 02:34 PM)wirr Wrote: thanks pfeerick for your thoughts. yes, there was something wrong with the initial pxe boot stuff, I now at least get the boot menu to load. Still I have not yet managed to successfully boot from tftp. So I'd be very interested in the layout of your tftp root tree as well as your dhcp config. What value are you using for the bootfile parameter? Is it correct that u-boot does not require any binaries from the pxelinux package to be made available on the tftp server?

That I can't tell you. I installed some other PXE boot system with the intention of going that way, and in the process wiped out the config I had working with the rock64. But I suspect you are correct... that it doesn't need the binaries, as it gets what it needs from the pxeconfig menu file, and pulls down the kernel and initrd images as instructed by said menu file.

I didn't change the default settings, which may or may not have been part of the reason I couldn't get the bugger to pxe boot without manually setting the server ip, but it booted fine after I did that and told it to continue. I'll try and come back to getting it working early next week.

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