suggested config for C++ programming

All is in the subject. I wonder what is a good configuration for programming on a Rock64 SBC?


Does Eclipse works on the Rock64?

(05-03-2018, 03:43 AM)pas059 Wrote: Hello,

Does Eclipse works on the Rock64?


Somebody has tried. Check out this link:
thanks for reply, but i'm not sure that this is a good solution for me.

In fact, i'm looking for a reliable and free IDE to develop applications in C++ on the rock64.
I thought to Eclipse because it seems to be the most popular on linux and because it was recommed to me.
But something else could probably also suits to me.
Any suggesiions?
Sure Eclipse works on the Rock64 and similar SBCs, but it's not quite the experience you  get using it on Windows or MAC.  If you've ever used NotePad++ on Windows, you might want to try BlueFish!  BlueFish is far from a complete environment, but it's great for working in, if you like a more basic environment!
thanks for your reply, this reassures me. Bluefish seams interesting but, like notepad++, it's only an editor. I also consider emacs, but i don't think that it is as complete and "easy" to use as Eclipse.

After some tries & discuss, here they are my opinions on some IDE for working in C++:

- Eclipse seems too old on ARM platform
- Codebocks seems to work very fine. It also includes a Qt project wizard that allows to create Qt application in conjunction with Qt designer; nevertheless the integration of Qt is not complete, especially the code generation which has to be done using the command line tools (uic, moc), but this works.
- Qt creator works very very fine and, of course, the integration of Qt is perfect.

I precise that i use a rock64/4G + 16 Go eMMc + Bionic/LXDE. So now, i use Qt creator which is a very complete set of tools + framework.


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