Very disappointed with ROCK64 USB WIFI 802.11B/G/N
Hi All,

I recently bought this device ROCK64 USB WIFI 802.11B/G/N for several reason: to help the project and to find a reliable wifi dongle. So I was convinced this wifi dongle would work out of the box but it didn't. I was struggling with the OS for several hours, trying to understand why it wouldn't work properly. I was convinced it was because a forced shutdown I had to do but now I realized it was the dongle that frozen the O.S.

You promote this dongle on your store as ROCK64 USB WIFI while is a whatever wifi dongle that you can buy everywhere. The problem with it is that it prevents Debian as well as Android to boot, it is not even reliable as wifi dongle since the moment "Android root" stopped to recognize it and now it is complete useless for the R64 board.

To recap, I lost all the hours to setup my OS and a lot of hours to try to fix and issue that was caused by this dongle, sponsored as Rock64 wifi, because it has several issues and it is not recognized by the android kernel as well as the Linux kernel. Obviously at that moment the last think I thought was the dongle since the moment I was convinced it was 100% compatible...

My advice is to remove it from your store or update the kernel for the OSes you provide: official and community version. For the future you had better to check the hardware you sell frequently to avoid this kind of complaining.



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