Disappointed by KODI announcement[April Fools / Joke!]
I just read that the kodi folks announced that.. Not only are they going back to the name XBMC (they mention their disappointment with Google taking kodi from autocomplete as a reason)... But that also... They, going forward, only going to develop for/support xbox one.

So, going from 6 platforms supported, to one (they actually talked about how much of their resources were being devoted to Android support ... Considering Android's... Fractured.. Many version's out there problem, understandable)...

But dropping everyone but xbox one,.. Well, sucks.

Thank god it's that time of the year.
i view the decision as a good one for xbmc. they just got rid of about 70% of their headaches/hassles and can now focus on xbox platform. more than likely someone(s) will pick up on the dropped android particularly for devices that have not had a lot of issues. if xbmc can get a refined xbox build they might be able to make it a revenue source.
Big Grin 
Suckers! Did anyone think to look at the date of the post? And there is no way in hell the Kodi team will be ditching support, especially that suddenly... lawsuits and a boycott by their supporters and users would promptly follow....
Yea, their April fool got me.

They were clever about it... They tied it to Google stopping autocomplete when you search for Kodi... One of the work around is to type in xbmc Instead.

So, give them credit, well thought out April fool, tied to something that had just happened to them


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