Multi-Use Home Theater

So i just ordered my first ROCK64 (4GB Version) and wondered, if anyone help me with the following problem:

I want to replace my current RasPi3B with the ROCK64 for the following tasks:
  • Hosting my Plex Media Server
  • Playing games via EmulationStation
  • Watch Videos via Plex/Netflix/maybe YouTube
So i know that there is OpenPlexHomeTheather for the Plex-part and EmulationStation and the emulators run pretty good even on a RasPi, but i'd like to combine all of them in one interface that should be controllable via CEC- or USB-Wireless-Remote and also with a Xbox360-Controller (for the gaming-part).

My first thought was Kodi, but i don't really know much about it.
Will Kodi work for this case or do i need something else?

LibreELEC will do: 

1) Plex server
2) RetroGames from the main menu
3) Youtube (and Netflix ... but that's still sketchy at this point) 
4) Other streaming services (local and from the net) / live TV
5) works with CEC remotes, Xbox controllers, most retro controllers
5) you can boot from USB 3.0 HDD (uboot on SPI) - so plenty of space for all the things you want and need. 

You can also go with ATV - that will do most things you want too.
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