Question on the power resistors
I just got my board yesterday and noticed that it can with two large power resistors. Looking at the schematic they would be R373 and R351. They look to be that they would provide a load to the ATX connector/power supply. Is this correct? I'm in using the the barrel connector so I wouldn't need them? Is there any hard soldering them in place even if I don't use an ATX power supply? It doesn't look like it from the schematic.

Thanks for any in-site I'm hoping to get mine fired up with 2 sopines over lunch.
The dummy loads are for ATX supplies that need it on 12V for stable regulation, since the CB is only using the 5V rail, so it depends on what ATX power supply you use. I use a relatively new 200W flex-ATX supply that works without them... but if you dont use ATX, no need for the dummy loads...
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Thanks, I appreciate it!

Well just went to fire it up but the power adapter I ordered from the pine64 store has the wrong barrel size. I'll have to contact them. In the mean time I'll see if I have a different connector.


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