No audio on left channel for headphone jack
I've been trying to debug this all afternoon, for some reason there is no audio on the left channel on the headphone jack. Plugging the headphones in to my screen and listening to the audio through the hdmi output works fine. I've tried a bunch of different things, including uninstalling Pulseaudio (had to flash the OS on the SD card to restore it) that haven't worked.

Do you have any ideas? Is it possible that this is a hardware issue?
Can you put your asound.state file up on pastebin?
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make sure you headphone jack is like the iphone, i.e. has 3 bands/ 3 contact surfaces + the tip
Do you mean that the jack output from the pine64 is not supposed to work with standard headphone jacks?
(12-18-2017, 10:49 PM)cr2016 Wrote: Do you mean that the jack output from the pine64 is not supposed to work with standard headphone jacks?

you should spend some time searching the forum as your questions have already been answered many time before. but, to follow up, the "standard" headphone jack has changed in the last 2 years with many manufacturers going with the new "standard" style jack/plug. so, the old "standard" jack will not work with the new "standard" plug although some users have pointed out that it may be possible if you screw around with the plug. but that may damage the jack.
otherwise, look on page 8 of 19, of the schematic,
Thanks for the reply.
Not an iphone/apple user.
I was simply not aware that the standard changed. None of my headphones-earphones/audio devices/computer/phone do have/need this 4 contacts jack. The soon to come audio devices (either bought or diy) will still have the 'old' standard audio jacks outputs.
Anyway... got it!
yes, i know. as with the evolution of standards thus far, it takes many years for all the manufacturers to adopt them. one of the reasons is simple economics. the older stuff have a tendency to be less expensive. but the issue may become moot in a few years as the even newer standard is to not use any 3.5mm headphone jack.

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