Memory totals
I loaded Arch onto my Pine64+ 2GB model.  I am only showing 1GB of memory when running the free command.  

Can anyone else confirm this same behavior?  

  Dan Kulinski
I confirm this, HTOP gave me the same information.

I checked on the board, and there are indeed 4x 4GB memory chips, so this must be a software issue
Same issue here... I was looking at my free memory thinking that 50% usage seemed really high. Then I lookup the ram total and was getting a little pissed because I paid for the 2GB. Glad its likely software.
Have any of you discovered if this 'missing' 1gb is allocated to the gpu and if so, how to reallocate?
You're probably running an older build that doesn't have the uboot changes to support detecting the 2gb memory and setting the dtb properly. You may want to check out the latest ubuntu in this thread: to see if the memory is detected.

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