Confused about the Rock64 Acrylic Case
Opening the package, I see it comes with five short and long screws, along with five pins with internal threading on each side.

Clearly, the pins are meant to fit inside the holes on the lower side of the case which I assume is suppose to hold the Rock64.

My guess is the longer screws are suppose to go on the bottom side of the lower piece however, when I screw them into the pin, the long screws can only screw in half way into the pin, leaving massive excess of screw sticking out the bottom.

In addition, the pins are not at the same level when in the holes. Two are higher than other.

What is going on with this thing?

If you need any images, let me know and I will supply some.


EDIT: I think I figured it out. I recalled there is an expander for it. So therefore it seems it goes like this:

In order from bottom to top:

Long screws
Bottom of case
Expansion board
Short screws
Top of case
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