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Seems like this forum doesn't get many posters. Almost getting like a ghost town . Tbh it makes me not want to buy one for fear of lack of support.

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Hardly. I just think that the subject you are posting about is not particularly interesting to the community, you post in the wrong sub-forum and your posts show that you've done little research. If you would have read through the Rock64 forum you'd known that the RK3328 is not suitable for a laptop/ tablet for a number of reasons 
BTW ... I am assuming you mean the R64 when writing '4gb pine board'. 
  If you manage to click this link you'll join in the IRC channel
if you read the wiki they keep to support ( pine64 , pine lts , sopine , rock64 )
just have this forum no much user post they news and problem.

pine64 , pine lts , sopine ,  have armbian (Linux ) , ayufan ( Linux and Android ) keep to support .
Other  motionEyeOS(Pine64) , Volumio Digital Audio Player (Pine64) , OpenMediaVault  , LibreElec KODI ( Rock64 )
And official pine64 & official rock64 (Android ) & rock64  linaro  ( Linux ).

You haven't enough?    it was very powerful if you talked software support .

I from here kickstarter 2015 years join it this forum for now 2017 i can saw it , they have keep to support .

But sometime you need is time , for me waiting volumio software two years Big Grin
If I am wrong please correct my content , thank !

1. Use Pine64  Running Ubuntu 16.04 Web Server ( LAMP ) 

2. Use Pine64 Running Official Android 6  for Media player
3. Use Pine64 Running Volumio Digital Audio Player 

definitely not dead.
many new posts every time i check in (daily).
i might add that other sites/forums also cover the hardware discussed in these forums, even publish operating systems for it.

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