Seems like this forum doesn't get many posters. Almost getting like a ghost town . Tbh it makes me not want to buy one for fear of lack of support.

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Hardly. I just think that the subject you are posting about is not particularly interesting to the community, you post in the wrong sub-forum and your posts show that you've done little research. If you would have read through the Rock64 forum you'd known that the RK3328 is not suitable for a laptop/ tablet for a number of reasons 
BTW ... I am assuming you mean the R64 when writing '4gb pine board'. 
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if you read the wiki they keep to support ( pine64 , pine lts , sopine , rock64 )
just have this forum no much user post they news and problem.

pine64 , pine lts , sopine ,  have armbian (Linux ) , ayufan ( Linux and Android ) keep to support .
Other  motionEyeOS(Pine64) , Volumio Digital Audio Player (Pine64) , OpenMediaVault  , LibreElec KODI ( Rock64 )
And official pine64 & official rock64 (Android ) & rock64  linaro  ( Linux ).

You haven't enough?    it was very powerful if you talked software support .

I from here kickstarter 2015 years join it this forum for now 2017 i can saw it , they have keep to support .

But sometime you need is time , for me waiting volumio software two years Big Grin
If I am wrong please correct my content , thank !

1. Use Pine64 Running Ubuntu 16.04 Web Server ( LAMP )

2. Use Pine64 Running Official Android 6  for Media player
3. Use Pine64 Running Volumio Digital Audio Player

definitely not dead.
many new posts every time i check in (daily).
i might add that other sites/forums also cover the hardware discussed in these forums, even publish operating systems for it.

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