wooden case for ROCK64
Hello everyone!

Just tell you that these days we are making a big discount In the wooden enclosure for Rock64 ...

It will only last a few days until all the remaining stocks are the AMAZON warehouses ...

Good morning to all!!
HI !!

I posted an ad on eBay, about a wooden enclosure for the ROCK64  SBC board.

Wooden enclosure for ROCK64

[Image: s-l1600.jpg]
Hi all!!

It's been a while since I've been here.
These days I've read a piece of news that I liked..
It's lightning network cake that have created a
node using a ROCk64 to make payments in Satoshis of
a quick and cheap way!!
I wonder if anyone in the forum knows more about this topic and/or
You've tried it!
I would like to know more about this topic I have even
sell any Wooden enclosure using this PAYMENT SYSTEM!   Tongue

Greetings to all !!

Get started with Lightning Network
Hello everybody...
I have been away from this forum for a long time,
and I'm looking at the new achievements and I'm
amazed at how all the fantastic projects are going!!!

The other day looking through the drawers in the workshop, 

I found a wooden case KIT for the ROCK64 and also adapted for the audio DAC card.

I guess the ROCK64 is out of production now but if anyone needs a biofriendly casing, I'd be happy to help.

I have posted an ad for sale on eBay in case anyone needs it.

A big hug to all...

And take care and be happy with your PINE64 projects ! Heart

ebay sales  wooden case for ROCK64 and DAC

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