What is the condition of your board?
Bent and working fine.
Bent and not working. (Describe in comments)
Flat and working.
Flat and not working. (Describe in comments)
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Bent board? Post here.
I am looking to see how many people actually got a bent board, and if it impacted the function of the board. Post below with your results.
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Mine is bent slightly in the center, maybe 2 mm over half the length of the board, but I just received it and haven't had the chance to test it yet. It looks to be due to the thickness of the board. The board is just over half the thickness of the Raspberry Pi. I'm guessing this was done for cost savings, but could impact the functionality of the board in certain cases. It might also explain the rather large size compared to the relatively few components. Adding 2-4 extra layers would have allowed them to route the board into a much smaller size, but would have increased the price considerably.

Hopefully this will be resolved in future releases.

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