dead keys days after warranty expires
Hello everyone!

Loving my pinebook so far, q4OS runs beautifully and the hardware is surprisingly nice for the price point!

Unfortunately the keyboard now has 2 dead keys (a and s) days after my warranty has expired. 

Is it worth breaking open the pinebook to see if I can reseat the rubber dome or clean the connection or am I SOL?


EDIT: the keyboard actually has 3 dead keys, Caps, A, and S.

There was no trauma to the unit as far as I am aware.
if you have not already, take a look at the photos in the thread, "a full teardown"
(05-14-2017, 11:57 AM)sgiavaras Wrote: <snip>

Unfortunately the keyboard now has 2 dead keys (a and s) days after my warranty has expired. 



... did you spill anything into it ?   knowing, or unknowing ?  ( you won't know except to open it )

I would open it;  remove power (unplug the battery) and then reseat all of the connectors;  please deshock yourself (ground yourself first).

Usually when buble domes stick many more keys die ...  do a full check of the keyboard;  probably more than those keys are out ( column or row )?   (not keyboard row, eletrical row-- scanning row)

tab Q Z space   etc

I suspect that if you reseat all connectors it will work again.
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Thanks for the helpful advice!

When I have some free time this week I'll be opening it up. I suspect that reseating all the connections will solve my problem.

Will update when I do!

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