Anybody tried Fedora 26 Alpha?
Hi! Thanks to sunxi mainlining effort [1] a lot of features should be already included in Linux kernel 4.11. Have anybody tried to get Fedora 26 Alpha [2] on Pinebook? I only found some experiments with Fedora 25 [3].

I had a mainline image running on one of my prototype Pinebooks using work done by MoeIcenowy from linux-sunxi and an Armbian rootfs. There is still some things missing on mainline - video is currently only possible via simplefb when u-boot creates the framebuffers and audio drivers are not done yet, also power management/DVFS/suspend drivers for mainline are not ready for A64 but stuff gets worked on...

Tomasz Kłoczko is working on a Fedora image for regular Pine atm and he hangs out in IRC sometimes...
Come have a chat in the Pine IRC channel >>

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