Is there anyway to get spidev0 under /dev
I need to use flashrom utility for flashing my bios rom. And flashrom need spi and spi device should be in spidev0.0 how can i do that in pine64? I searched a lot but i couldnt found. Someone said i should change device tree but i dont know how. Thanks a lot.
There are two ways to go about this. The SPI interface is by default no configured on the pins, because UART3/4 are mapped there. If you are not using Armbian, you need to manually change your devicetree to configure SPI pins. If you are using Armbian, you can use the boot-time overlay via your ArmbianEnv configugration as outlined here:
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I did that but still there is nothing like spidev0.0 under /dev directory
Check for an example. With those change one just needs to change to status="okay", so it gets loaded.

Obviously one needs to rebuilds the device tree, see for an example how to do this

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