Samsung EVO+ microSD

Nice price for great memory.
hi folks,  just a quick word of warning;  just be careful here.

There are plenty of fake cards out there from non reputable sources;  if the deal seems too good to be true it might be.  This is just a heads up;  these cards may be fine... on the other hand, the source and price are a little sketchy.

Just be careful;
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$40 for Samsung128GB from B&H Photo. they have been around for a long time. i would guess their supplier is about as good as amazon, but still you can get fakes from anywhere i guess.
(03-01-2017, 10:31 AM)MarkHaysHarris777 Wrote: Just be careful

(my emphasis)

Indeed. If others who've has experiences with this site (or more specifically, B & H Foto & Electronics, as they are the linked deal) could weigh in with their experiences that would be great, but it just seems too good to be true. Then again, the prices on Amazon at the moment are around $48 inc. shipping, so maybe this is genuine, and is a great bargain. I know if I was in the US I'd be tempted by $15.86 for the 32GB EVO+ and $10.99 for the 32GB EVO (which are in line with Amazon prices btw)... they are quite a bit more expensive here in Australia Undecided
just search the net. B&H Photo is a great place. those 128GB are mostly marketed to photographers which this place has served with distinction since early 70's. they are not knowingly gonna scam anyone. i have bought a Nikon P90 and a tripod from them. not only are the prices good but the people who work the store know the products. the store itself is an institution in NYC. it's like one of those old time hardware stores stocked with new & old. i personally would not put a 128GB in a computer but i use them in cameras. they only reason amazon beats b & h is with amazon i get it in 2 days no shipping charge and B&H takes at least 3 more often 4 days and that's paying usps priority @ 8 bucks. just the same i think amazon was selling fakes @ one point, not knowingly, so it can happen but usually not at the quantities amazon/B&H buys from the distributor.
Thanks for that dkryder... that was exactly what I was hoping to hear. The name didn't mean anything to me... but it certainly looked from their site that they were aiming at photographers, and had been around for a while Wink

Indeed... amazon, and even the likes of Best Buy and other firms have been caught out every so often, but it is much rarer, and you can expect them to replace the faulty product. eBay is pretty good at ensuring you get waht you paid for. I contacted one seller on eBay over some Samsung 32GB EVO cards which had failed after one weeks use in a pine64 just idling and doing some light testing... and when the seller decided to play ostrich, I simply contacted eBay support and they promptly issued the refund an hour or so later.
pfeerick, ebay has some great advantages for buyers. however, i had to stop selling there cause like you point out the buyer is king and ebay will take the funds right out of the seller account with very little chance of ever getting them back. my last sale was a nexus 6 which i had bought from google store when they first came out. i put it online for $650, that was $50 over the store cost. a guy in frisco bought it. i had never opened the box. this was stated on sales page. i also stated no returns. day after it was delivered the guy claimed the back camera lens was cracked when he opened the box. he stated that it was true the box had been unopened. i told him his claim was with google. ebay took the funds out of my account and sent to him. this was before i even had gotten the phone back. even before he had proven with pictures that it was cracked. he sent pictures. the lens was not cracked. it did however looked like a crack but that was a split benzel plastic piece around the lens. 2 days later he withdrew the dispute. 7 days after that ebay returned my money. the afternoon i got the funds i withdrew all funds and cancelled account. now, if you want to sell on ebay, that is something you need to think real careful about.
I'll (try to!) keep this brief in order to not take this thread further off track. dkryder, please feel free to PM me if you want to continue the discussion. Wink

Indeed, that is a concern. And I had the same discussion with the clowns at my last workplace when they considered using PayPal for payment for training courses (with a PayPal POS credit card scanner and all!) instead of a proper financial gateway. In other words, be prepared for customers coming in for a one day training course and certificate issued on the day to lodge a claim via PayPal and get a refund... whilst still having a valid certificate Undecided

eBay for me is a bit different. There are a ton of crooks around, and they seem to have found the happy medium of favouring the customer, and not stabbing their sellers in the back too much. There is bound to be the odd stuff up, and as long as there is some review mechanism, then I suppose things will continue on. But I can certainly appreciate that it is frustrating when you are the one done wrong by! I'm very surprised they transferred the funds without any photo verification... that seems to be pretty much a requirement for their returns / refund policy. Dodgy

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