Expansion slot
Hi ..last time i tried to post this idea i got banned due to a misunderstanding.

I had thought it would be cool for so.someone to deaign a pc expansion plate that attaches to a pine64.

It already has 4 holes in each corner.. Screw an aluminum plate to those and use your old pc case as a place to stack em. The pc power supply can act as a power for all pine64.

I am sure a simple design exposing the ethernet side would be sufficient. Send your design to a company to punch out the plate and sell em?

Anyway.. I hope that description came through clear enough.

I posted a picture of expansion cards with detachable plates but i think that got me banned last time.

Just do a google image search for expansion cards anf youll find what i am talking about.

What a good reason to resurrect and old case for a new purpose!
Although this is a duplicate thread ;  that's ok, due to the last misunderstanding.  Blush

... I don't think there will be much interest in this topic;  primarily because the legacy ISA|PCI towers ( with the exception of gaming towers ) are pretty much not being used today.  I have not powered up any of my legacy towers ( museum pieces ) in over 2 years.

The most compact clusters ( IMHO ) so far ( see malfunction_gk ) on this forum are constructed using distributed DC switching power supply ( at the bottom , or at the back ) filtered to each board in a stack with a speed controlled brushless fan blowing across all boards.  A five to seven board cluster can easily be fit inside an 8-9 inch cube with relative skills and minimum expense.

On the other hand;  the idea of placing each pine board as a riser card on a base board to handle power distribution and ethernet switch/   that is interesting;  particularly if the board ( DIY ) could be downloaded from the net !  Most of the prototype clusters so far have been time consuming projects and hand-wired nightmares;  although beautiful and highly satisfying.

On the same hand;  placing the entire pine board as one of many riser boards on a base board doesn't make much sense taking into account the sopine modules which ware now available.  The ultimate cluster base board would be ( again for power distribution and ethernet switch ) a host for multiple sodimm sockets ( 5 - 7 ) so that the cluseter is a cluster of sopine modules, not a cluster of pine boards !
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