Usb and ethernet ports
If i understand USB correctly...

i would remove the existing USB host and mount a single port USB OTG. 
  • That way if one was to connect an OTG to the USB, the connected OTG would become the USB host yes?
  • for both mobile battery powered setup and wall socket power setup, this would require the addition of an external battery power supply for any connected USB peripheral  (such as my existing XDragon specs shown in image)
What are the disadvantages of using the OTG method for connectivity?
  • does this affect connecting to a pc?
  • if i use an OTG splitter is their any issue (such as the one i already have as shown in attached image)

Whenever i connect my Pine64+ to the supplied 7" LCD...i cannot get display to work. The pine64 works perfectly when connected to a hdmi computer monitor using either the XDragon Battery or my Samsung 5V 2.0A usb mobile phone charger. I think i read one of Marks posts somewhere where he mentioned perhaps the LCD wont work on some of these other brand power supplies. How can i test the output voltage on a micro usb?

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