Smart Card Reader Support
Hello All,

I have seen the SOC had hardware support for IS7816 Smart Card Reader. How can we connect a Smart Card/Sim Card and how can we succeed to communicate whit SC.

Are there any drivers to use this hardware directly ? 
[Image: 2a8rfyv.jpg]
this might be in reference to iso 7816 which is a standard in readers rather than a specific reader. what you have is a generic diagram dealing more in theory than specific interface. how you would interface a reader would depend on a specific reader. this is the first card reader question i've seen in the forum so it is an interesting topic but my quess is there probably is not much info on it among the members. it does use the advanced peripheral bus so most likely kernel involvement. if i was going to chase this down i would start with research on other sbc like raspberry pi, etc that do have smart card reader interfaces and go from there.
Thanks for your interest @dkryder. It is very good to has such a module inside Allwinner CPU hardware. But, unfotunately there is no support at all. No kernel driver, etc... Or I couldn't find ?

I think that CPU can be usefull on POS payment devices, Pin Pads, Native Identity Card Reader, etc... We won't need an external  smart card reader ICs, if we can be able to use CPU's own Smart card reader unit. These means low cost, low size...

I hope that PineA64 authorities will give support for SC Reader hardware(drivers)...
I also wait helps from you, @dkryder Smile

Best regards.

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