first boot behavior
ok, my first padi stamps arrived yesterday. first try at soldering up i decided to anchor stamp on breadboard adapter using kapton tape, solder paste, and hot air . a bit of touchup with a hot needle tip on my iron. my question is regards boot up behavior in regards the small lights within the padi visible via a small hole in the tin gaurd

i see several rapid green blinks followed by what looks like just one blip from a red light. does this mess with what others have seen?  this happens right after plugging a3.3power source and a ground.

edit: it seems that the padi is accepting AT commands. i was able to get a list of them to print out.the led on the breadboard has not been seen illuminated yet. if it is one of those always on things then i have an issue with that.
Sounds right. Built-in LED flashes when VCC is connected.

Hook up TTL serial to see the console
i have an is with the breadboard adapter LED not lighting up. both the cap & LED have the cathode wire closest to the stamp and the stripe on the cap is closest to the stamp as well as the LED flat side closest to the stamp. it seems that these are the proper placements. is there specific conditions for the LED to light up? if not i'm thinking i must have a bad solder point somewhere.
no specific condition, besides connecting VCC 3.3V and GND,
perhaps CH_EN - I think it's already connected on the breadboard

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