pppoe with CenturyLink?
Has anyone been able to configure there Pine64 to do the pppoe connection when your DSL modem is in transparent bridging mode?

I've finally gotten time to start playing with my board and last night I attempted to have the Pine64 handle the DSL connection with the pppoeconf script.  It found the DSL connection and asked for my credentials which I put in.  After it ran, I did get an error about the ppp module not loading and to do a mknod to create I think /dev/ppp .  I did that and then a reboot.  At that point I was unable to connect to the board through ssh.  It was late so I didn't hookup a monitor or keyboard, but the ppp module error has me concerned.

For the network, I have a USB ethernet dongle which is now hooked up to the DSL modem.  The onboard NIC is running to a 5 port ToughSwitch.

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