LCD color depth + touch controller
Hey there @tllim (et al.), two questions regarding the LCD/touch screen. 

Question 1: I'm trying to find/confirm the color depth of the LCD screen. Looking at the LCD datasheet, it's unclear if the screen supports 16 bit (5:6:5 or 5:5:5), 18 bit (6:6:6) or the full 24 bit (8:8:8) true color palette. Obviously, 24 bit would be ideal. 
  • Can you confirm the pixel color specs and the display controller being used for the display? 

This is important as we're creating graphics to be rendered and need to know what color resolution will be supported. 

Question 2: Last month I was hoping to see specs related to the touch controller being used. 
  • Is there a selection made and a datasheet available for the capacitive touch controller? 



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