Reporting Spammers (and other undesirable activity)
Hello Everyone,

As many of you have surely noticed, the forum have seen an increase in spam over the past few weeks. More than one person asked me directly or via PM to 'clean up' the forums; and I'm sure this is also true for other mods. Let me start by saying that I think that we are getting rid of spammers quickly as is, but you can speed up the process by reporting spam to us. 

Reading one of those requests today, it just occurred to me that some of you may not know how to report spam (or other undesirable activity), and hence this post. 

Having entered a thread, you will notice that under each comment there is a bar with a variety of options. On the right hand side of the bar, there is a 'report' button (with a red flag) which will look something like this.  
Clicking 'Report' will give you a drop down menu with a number of options - select the relevant one. Completing a 'Report' alerts mods to spam or other wrong-doings as soon as they log on. 

We are working on getting other systems in place to prevent excessive spam. However, it appears that some of the spamming is done by actual humans, which is much harder to prevent. So its important that you report spam when you encounter it

Thank you so much for your help, we greatly appreciate it! Smile
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yeah, those pesky actual humans , ya never know. much easier to deal with bots. Smile

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