Help me find the right OS
Hi, I am currently looking for the best Linux OS for my new entertainment center here is what I need
  • Highly customizable
  • Lots of apps (not fan made ones, ones that come from the devs or the company that make the program)
  • Install movies and music to OS so you can play it. (Kind of the point of a media center right?)
Thanks Smile
Not necessarily in this forum, but across the web you'll get plenty of fringe suggestions. My advice - stick with something Debian or Ubuntu based. Mint is a good, well adopted option that is Ubuntu-based. Ultimately, for projects like this, there will likely be 1-3 "main" go-to distros that will be utilized and promoted. Developers will use those distros and end users will be subject to those choices. The beauty of Linux is choice, but unless you are ready to put in the time/work/dedication to support your own package manager and software updates, you are likely better off just going with the flow and rhythm the maintainers support.


Quick follow-up - Andre appears to be the main developer/maintainer so far and Debian seems to be the distro of choice. So far.
On the pine? Android.

I know that's not linux (at least, not what you meant when you said linux) but it's really the only feasible solution at the moment. Until there's hardware support for video decoding under linux, there's no point in using it for a media center.

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