Correct Voltage For Powering From Euler??
Hey , thanks a lot for the links! I had already gone through that thread with a fine tooth comb but the schematics will be of great use, thank you. Reading the thread is partly what brought about my confusion because it mentions the thicker guage RPI official PSU to be the best but specifically mentions the 5.0 volt model. The one I have is 5.1 - I don't think it will be a problem but I looked through those schematics and all I can find mentioned anywhers is 5.0v - I don't see any sort of voltage tolerance range (thats what i was looking for). I'm now a bit hesitant to use the 5.1 now.

Maybe a better way to ask this would be...

Does anyone currently run their pine on a PSU rated any higher than 5.0v? If so, what voltage? And, does it smoke?  xD

Thanks all! I appreciate all your responses.

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RE: Correct Voltage For Powering From Euler?? - by veronicasmithen03 - 10-18-2016, 04:33 AM

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