Problem with Pine
Hello everyone. 
Obligatory sorry for posting here if it's the wrong subforum! ^^

I encounter some problems with my pine. Maybe they're due to my lack of linux knowledge, maybe due to hardware. I'm here to solve it. :) In the beginning I have to say that I won't be able (due to work and so on) to reply directly or apply your "tests". Thank you for any help! I will read your posts, (possibly) try them and reply here! 

I wrote an email beginning of september to the support (later a ticket) and got as a reply that I should ask the forum since there are people who have more knowledge. ^^
For the descripton of the problem i give you details from the email:
I was a backer for the Pine64 and received my package (2Gb version and the media package) in june. Until now I’m happy with the product (didn’t really care for the delay).
Now I’ve got some problems with it, why I’m contacting your support.
The package came with a preinstalled Android version. Additional to that I bought an SD card. With both cards (one with Android from Pine and the other installed with the “Xubuntu Linux Image [20160530] build by Pine”) I encounter the same problem. I also used another distribution and have the same problem there as well.
When booting the Pine the screen resolution seems to be zoomed to roughly 120%. In the OS the screen resolution is fixed to 1920*1080. I also used my TV and have the same problem there. Downloading additional drivers doesn’t work although the internet connection works normal with a browser. It only says that it encountered a problem but no details.
Also when downloading normal updates there is an error (via  sudo apt-get update).
Today I installed the “Ubuntu Linux image, courtesy of Michael Larson” and directly at the beginning (also with the problem of the zoomed screen) there were some error messages like:
“Sytem program problem detected” (in details it said that the application sudo has stopped unexpectedly).
This error I presumed to have somehow also at the other “Ubuntu build by Pine”.
Do you have an idea what the problem could be? Is there something I could test and provide you with these information? I fear that maybe there is something broken. How could I test this?
I’m a beginner Linux user so step by step tips would be appreciated.
Again thanks for any help! 

Cheers from Germany :)

The 'zoom' is most likely overscan. Your best option to fix it is use your TV's and/or monitors over/underscan settings. These settings are called different things -- it will be easiest for you to google "overscan [make and model nr of your tv]" - on my TV (Sharp) its called dot per dot (not exactly intuitive).

The img you are using is pretty old - try one of the newer imgs. Check out longsleeps git:
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