Testing protocols & how to use them?

The 2GB board arrived some months ago... but it is mostly catching the dust, not beeing used because of several issues: HDMI sync with the 1080p monitor (sometimes it works, sometimes no output, the monitor goes to sleep, have to restart the pine64 several times), unstable wifi (can set a wifi spot and connect to it but the 3 devices tested so far got disconnected every 20-30sec), network (looks like the Gb is limited to 1/10... 100Mb)... Tried both Longsleep's ubuntu and Lenny's debian.
Some protocols to test the board are already there in the forum, but either hidden in the middle of the comments or difficult to follow by newbies.

I was wondering if it would be possible to have a single thread gathering the testing protocols and their "how to use" ?

Thanks  Blush

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