Battery Backup for media center.
I purchased a battery with my Pine64 2G through Kickstarter. It came with the connector to fit the Pine64 board and charges just fine through the micro USB connector. I think you can get this battery through the store.
I hope I did not misunderstand you question.

Edit: On checking the store I do not see the rechargeable battery offered. Not sure if it will be up later. I have seen several items that come and go so they may only list the items they have in stock.

I would send a question email to the store. Good luck

The Pine64 battery I got was 8,000ma.  This is a 10,000ma battery:

I was unable to find the connector. (3pin PH type connector) Again, check with the store.

(09-12-2016, 09:28 AM)Zone Wrote: Greetings everyone!

I've purchased Pine 64 specifically for a car media server is going to be built into glove compartment.
In order for my project comes to fruition the pine 64 needs a battery backup that via a script in once the car is turned off to gracefully shut down.

The battery needs to charge through micro USB. I'm looking for a product that is the quickest/simple plug-and-play setup that is safe to use. I've read quite a few threads but there's a lot of different opinions and setups. Thoughts and links to products?

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