HDMI touch screen not detected
Dear all

I am new to this so tell me if I have posted this in the wrong place. I recently purchased a pine A64 (2gb version) and a Waveshare 7inch 1024x600 capcitive touch screen to be used in a tablet. I have tested the screen with multiple systems (ubuntu, mac OS X, windows 10 etc...)and it works straight away. But when I plug the screen into the pine, it is not detected at all. It doesn't even initiate a X11 session. The pine is running the newest version of Debian linux jessie. Any suggestions or help is appreciated.

Anyone have any ideas?
Hi Radio.

Does the touch input connect via USB ?
As to why it may not work, its probably because the resolution is not supported in linux. Try changing the uEnv.txt - search for the supported resolutions on the forum.
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