Board will not boot/does not work

I have received my board through the kickstarter but am unable to boot it up

I'm using an Anker 60W (12A) Power supply that happily powers a 4 Raspberry Pi Cluster
Also i'm writing the debian linux images to an 8Gb SD Card in the same way i'm writing my rpi images (which always work)
sudo dd bs=1m if=[name of image] of=/dev/disk2

I've tried several images (debian Mate/LXDE/XCFE) and several SD cards.

Can i conclude my board is broken?
hi, no, more likely you have a monitor display issue.

... we can help you better live on the irc chat (see below). But otherwise, post here your specific monitor details make model and number, and also try to find a serial ttl usb bridge cable so we can monitor the boot-up on the serial console.

Look forward to helping you on irc.
marcushh777    Cool

please join us for a chat @   or ssl

( I regret that I am not able to respond to personal messages;  let's meet on irc! )
Aah, "serial TTL/USB" was the hint i needed
I now have a working board, still unsure why I wasn't getting anything on display before
but the apt-get update/upgrade I did on the console could have fixed that of course.

I'm a happy puppy now Smile

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