Very slow download speeds with OpenVPN
Hey guys,

so after playing around alot with the ethtool (in the end i set it to 100mbit, because even with the newest kernel/uboot and longsleeps network script i cant get better speeds)

Now i tried to download over a OpenVPN Server, but the performance is way worse then i expected. From around 9-10 MB/s (my isp allows up to 12 MB/s so im quite pleased with how fast the pine64 can get).

Before anyone asks "maybe the vpn server is just not fast enough". Just after i tested the speeds of the pine (with vpn), i tested my laptop (also with the same vpn) and there im getting near max speeds (9-10 mb/s).

The ./speedtest-cli (tested a few times) results are also disappointing.

I hoped that the pine64 is powerful enough for a OpenVPN connection with good speeds :/

Can someone help ? /Give advice ?
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As i remember this is "normal" speed for OpenVpn, i do not use him, several years, because of this.
Last time i try use him on servers with 2 xeon's processors and was getting same ~9mbit/s
I get the same on Raspberry Pi2 with Raspbian with OpenVPN Client. About 8 to 11 Mbps. While on my Windows PC, I get roughly 4 to 5 times that speed connecting to the same VPN.

I just tried it on Pine64/DietPi connecting and get about 23 Mbps on the same VPN link (That's after forcing the pine to 100mbps link using ethtool). My internet connection bandwitdh is also 100Mbps. So it's definitely better than RPi.
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