Accelerometer fail?
Hi, noob here.  I have a PineTime watch which I've had for about two weeks.  I charged it on receipt and have been wearing ever since. 

Initially I was able to set it so that it woke up the display on raising my wrist; however yesterday that stopped working.  In the settings there is also an option to wake up with a single or double tap.  Neither of these works.  The watch can be woken by pressing the button, so it seems to be working OK otherwise - but does the refusal to be woken by a movement or a tap indicate that the accelerometer has failed?

Is accelerometer failure a known/likely occurence?  I've seen it mentioned once on the board.

Or could there be another issue; maybe re-starting the watch would help?  If so, can anyone suggest how to do that?

For background, this is a sealed device working with the KiActiv app on Android; so I only have access to the watch functions; KiActive should be receiving movement data for analysis offline.


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