PineTime for kid

I am evaluating if PineTime would be a good idea for my 7 year old son. He might have some light ASD.
  • He gets reassured by knowing the current time (24h format or analog, not AM/PM)  
  •  I'd like him to receive a notification for specific moments in time when he should be doing something, repeating for day of week.  
  •  An agenda view and some notes would also be good, he really needs some knowledge over his own life.
  •  If I could attach small pictures or specific noises to the notifications and agenda, that would be great.
  • I want only the minimum of distractions, no games, etc..  
  • He also tends to freeze/daydream and forget where he is.  I wonder if the step detector could detect this and make a noice to pull him back to reality
  • I'd like this in Dutch/Flemish

My current idea is taking infinitime, and disabling all options I don't like at compile time, e.g. the games in there.   I programmed C++ a decade ago, so I can fork and do basic adaptations.  small pictures/noises and movement detection would be more major adaptations I'd do later, if ever. 

He's 7. I'm not "qualified to give advice" but spend time with him. Take him hiking. Go fishing. Teach him a musical instrument. Read with him. Get him an old watch, he'll be tickled pink. Even a pocket watch or a multi-function "stopwatch" he can wear round his neck. As for the PineTime, get one and configure it how you want. Then decide if you want to use it or give it to him. But don't fret when he accidentally breaks it.

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