Lithion 3.7 volt PineA64 battery Model 9070120P
(12-08-2016, 11:44 AM)Jessica Spongekipper Wrote: On the subject of battery charging... Any ideas what would stop this ? In have no voltage between the gnd & + pin. Even with the 10k bypass. When the battery was charged it ran the board fine but I was never convinced it was charging -  and it is not  :-(

Can I get a charging voltage from another pin anywhere ? Could I get charging from the  Euler connector ? ?

No;  not safely anyway. 

... the PMIC controls the charging.  Make sure that your two wire system has the red (plus +) connector on the battery going to (+) on the vbat, and that the black wire on the battery (minus, ground) is going to the outside (-) on the vbat.  The center pin of vbat (normally yellow wire from battery) should connect to ground via a 10K ohm resistor !  Make sure all the connections are tight.  

This is STILL not the best.  (words to the wise) because you're missing the thermal sensor protection (which the PMIC also monitors) !   The PMIC makes sure that the batt is not under charged nor over charged and that the temperature of the battery does not get too high. 

I recommend a three wire system;  implement the two wire system at your own risk YMMV;  standard disclaimer.
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