Containers questions...
(08-05-2016, 02:20 PM)montero65 Wrote: Forgive my ignorance, but what are you talking about?  I don't understand what you mean by "containers" and serving cups and such.  Just curious if you can expand for the uninformed.  Thanks.

Double what everyone else said.

Basically, the kernel is "shared" with these containers - so you aren't virtualizing hardware (what the kernel is usually interacting with) - drastically reducing the amount of resources necessary to launch and serve these container-ized applications.

The only kind of gothchas are
  •  the debian image, from longsleep - has caused me problems with LXC, (ubuntu has been fine) <- this may be an apparmor issue I didn't dig deep enough to figure it out.
  • the documentation around lxd is confusing because lxd uses lxc as a command. for instance lxc-create is almost the same as lxc launch
    -- this isn't impossible to understand but it basically doubles the amount of time it takes to understand what you are reading
  • networking is insane!
    • Part of this may be my own ignorance around some of the networking concepts.
    • many MANY! basic elements in linux networking have changed
      •  ifconfig is a huge part of most guides - but the reccomended tool set is the newer iproute2
      • this causes headaches because its not always clear what command is interoperable with another - and some vocab has changed
      • some basic understanding i had about linux networking just isn't applicable to ubuntu/debian
        •  /etc/resolv.conf (storing DNS-server info) gets overwritten by some new application
        • /etc/network/interfaces is no longer the last word in network interfaces - they point to files in /etc/network/interfaces.d
        • little things that i take for granted with centos are not installed by default - for instance in centos if I issue a systemctl command to shutdown or restart PAM finds out about that and just kicks me out of my ssh session -
I am not trying to a be negative guy on the forum... I am just saying for me personally I was like this should take a couple hours - and its like day 5 of me tinkering...

I will write up a guide when I am done - so I know how all the magic works - it will be posted here - or at least linked

Here is the guide:

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