quick question about mic
hey all,

for a long time I thought my mic problems were software related, as it would sometimes work. most of the time I was barely audible on calls with static, and now there is dead silence

after trying many different distros with no improvement I've come to the conclusion that something is physically wrong with the mic. in the past I did drop the phone a few times, and eventually replaced the screen (had a crack across the top.) other than that the phone hasn't had any other damages, and everything else works fine

I wanted to ask where exactly is the mic in the phone? I assumed that it would be on the usb board, but don't really see much there. everything looks to be connected properly. Since the mic works sometimes, I think there might be a way to fix it before resorting to buying a replacement part
This might help: https://wiki.pine64.org/wiki/PinePhone_H...Microphone
I just recently found this on the pulse audio website and I am currently on Mobian Phosh. After I switched the Mic to Capture, not Master, It worked much better and then I just lowered the volume of the mic to 50%.  If I powered the phone off, I would have to reset the mic settings again.  It is a strange fix, but it worked for me after trying a few other things which I had no success. I hope that helps. I also do not use a sim card, but a voip in the Calls app.

Maybe related to this: https://forum.manjaro.org/t/original-pin...ing/153873? (Also reported to work on other distros.)

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