Mini SD Jammed while trying to download OS because of Lost Username and Password
Without BIOS, and with a mini sd card that just keeps getting jammed in deeper inside the mini sd port, what are my options?

Can I switch out the mini sd port or is it built too deeply into the SOC?

Can I get into the terminal from the Username and Password prompt when it defaults into its Manjaro stock OS?

Can I download a new os with a USB sd card reader.

What are my options?
You can reflash the eMMC using Tow-Boot's USB Mass Storage mode. Booting directly from USB (via an USB drive, USB card reader etc.) is not possible.

The explanation of the jamming SD card sounds very strange. The phone uses microSD cards and the card only fits in one way. Are you sure that you don't accidentally try to insert it into the SIM slot? They are both next to each other. A picture of how it is inserted would probably help.
(02-15-2024, 10:50 AM)fxc Wrote: The phone uses microSD cards and the card only fits in one way.

Pardon the intrusion. Actually I happened to successfully insert the SD card upside down (with the connectors facing up) some time ago. Of course it didn't work and was a pain to get it out (I had to use a toothpick and push it out from behind), but I have to say it can fit two ways. Big Grin

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