Camera stops working after resume from suspend
Hey all. I have a PPP and I am running Mobian Trixie + Phosh. I have GNOME Snapshot installed via Flatpak, and I have PipeWire set up as the system audio daemon.

GNOME Snapshot works quite well right after booting, but after suspending the output in snapshot is blank.

Now, I want to debug this, but I haven't found any leads. I am more than happy to get my hands dirty. I tried searching for this issue on Google a few times, but either Google fails me, or it seems there is not much written about this issue. I can see that PPP camera goes through Pipewire and libcamera, but I don't see any obvious issues from the Pipewire PoV and restarting the Pipewire daemon does not help.

Anyone know what I can do here? Again, happy to get my hands dirty, but I am having a bit of difficulty finding threads to pull on.

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