How to start Abiword if I hit enter if an Abiword document is market with PCManFM?
I have installed Abiword and PCManFM on a Raspberry Pi4 with LeepspsvideoKDE plasma which runs on Raspberry Pi Os. I have stored Abiword files on an external SD card. If I view the external SD card with PCManFM on this setup, I can see the Abiword files on the external SD card. If I mark an Abiwordfile and hit return, Abiword starts and opens this file, which is great.

I have also installed Abiword and PCManFM on a PinePhone with PostmarketOS. As in the example above, I can see the Abiword files on the external SD card. But if I mark an Abiword file and hit return, PCManFM opens a dialogue box and ask to choose an application. But there are no applications listed which I could choose.

The second option  PCManFM offers to open a file is to enter a custom command line. I can also browse there and search for an application. I am looking for the Abiword application.

I am a Linux beginner, so I changed back to my Rasperry Pi 4 where it is easier for me to find files. Abword is also installed there. I searched with PCManFM for «Abiword». I found some files. But which file do I have to select to start Abiword?  With none of the files I found it was possible to start Abword. How can I do this?

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