Which SATA card should I use my NAS server RAID5
Hello everyone! I am planning to create a NAS server with RAID5 on my RockPro64. I will probably use Seagate IronWolf for my hdds. But I could not decide on my card yet. I am brand new in this area so I am a little bit confused.

These are the card I am considering but right now:

Any recommendations? I just want to make sure it works before I buy it. I am open the alternatives.
Have a nice day.
All of those should work with Linux out of the box, though a backports kernel maybe needed. If you're still feeling unsure, there's a table in the wiki with community tested PCIe cards for the RockPro64: https://wiki.pine64.org/wiki/ROCKPro64_H...Ie_devices
I use this one currently for my Dockerhost/NAS with 6 drives.

I got the recommendation to use a SAS2008 based device flashed to HBA mode.
they are rather cheap if you buy them second hand.


One of these is already contained in the hardware compatibility list.
I added mine to, but did not yet receive it for testing.
see under "Host Bus Adapter" (HBA) in PCIe devices.

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