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I have been using my pinephone for around 2,5 years now. Have tested mobian, arch, pmos and lineage. I like the mobian/debian culture and used it a lot for those reasons, arch is kind of my favorite because it's very snappy and the battery seems to last longer than mobian and pmos. Last week I gave a new try to pmos and looks amazing, I don't remember seing the ram usage and average load the other times I used's so amazing, average load around 0.20 when idle...mobian always higher than 1.00, ram usage around 600mb, mobian and arch much more like 1,4GB on average....the only downpoint so far in my experience with pmos is the battery life, it seems to get warmer than arch. Mobian is good and stable(I was using trixie lately) but very hungry on resources and battery disaster.
What are you experiences and thoughts?
(07-17-2023, 10:43 AM)user641 Wrote: Hello,
I have been using my pinephone for around 2,5 years now...

Currently testing the beta of Sculpt OS (see thread in this section). It's pretty straightforward and is designed to optimize battery life. The first official version is scheduled for release next month. I plan to switch to it when ready from Arch which I agree is the best current distro out there.

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