Just received my LCD screen. Did not realise that its just the screen and no backing etc.

Not sure what to do with this now. 

Can anyone point me in the right direction to an enclosure I can buy or a set up where I am able to plug in an HDMI at least? 

You can use the display without an HDMI connection. There are 2 flat ribbon cables, one for video (the broad one) and one for the touchscreen functionality (the thin one). Now I know that you can not yet use the touchscreen with anything but Andriod, I'm not sure if this is also the case for only the display.

To get it working with Android, you have to connect the video cable through the adapter and extension ribbon cable to the DSI-slot on your Pine. The touchscreen works by connecting the cable to the TP-slot.
Follow these steps to connect the cables:
- flip the black edge up by pulling carefully
- insert the flat ribbon cable with the metal connectors facing down (towards the connectors on the adapter/board)
- flip the black edge back down, this shouldn't cost much effort

You can buy an enclosure at the Pine64 shop, although they are currently sold out.

With kind regards,


PS: There is a subforum regarding the LCD-display here with instructions on how to connect it.

yeah worked out how to attached it. Just not what I expected it to be like. Bit frustrating. Ill try and make it work for now. 

Thanks for the link to the part of the forums I should have posted this in :Smile missed that !

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