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Hello everyone, I just got my pinephone pro, and i started it up, created an account and all that jazz. I go to update it through the discover app, and im having trouble doing the update, so I went to the terminal and typed sudo pacman -Syu and let it do its thing, it updated and all that but when it came back the background had changed (figured it came with a new update) and it said add your favorite apps so I attempt to go into the terminal and it opens but nothing is there but the back ground. You there's no black screen, there's no keyboard just the tabs at the end (even if i rotate the phone). Settings will not even open. I've restarted it but I don't know how to fix the issue. when it rebooted it did go to a screen and i changed something to see what it was about but now i don't know how to go back to it to change it back.
If you cannot fix your issue, you can always reflash a working operating system image.

According to https://wiki.pine64.org/wiki/PinePhone_Pro#Boot_order, your PinePhone Pro has probably been shipped with Tow-Boot installed. According to https://tow-boot.org/devices/pine64-pinephonePro.html:
Quote:The phone can be started in USB Mass Storage mode by holding the volume up button at startup before and during the second vibration. The LED will turn blue if done successfully. In this mode, the phone will work like a USB drive when connected to a host computer.
(Note: The procedure is different from the one required for the original PinePhone, which requires a MicroSD card with a special image.)

So do that, then plug in a USB C-A or C-C cable between your phone and a computer, and then you will be able to dd the latest version of Manjaro Plasma Mobile for PinePhone Pro (what was installed by default – download link: https://manjaro.org/download/, select ARM and PINEPHONE PRO) or any other operating system for the PinePhone Pro. (Make sure that you use the image for the PinePhone Pro and not the one for the original PinePhone nor some generic image.)

WARNING: Of course, overwriting the storage with dd will erase all data that was previously there. Since you just got this brand new, that is probably not much, but still, you have been warned!

And as a warning for the future, I strongly recommend not using Discover for system updates. It is just too broken on Manjaro. Either use the pacman CLI as you ended up doing or install pamac-gtk with pamac-mobile-integration and use that.

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