A dock/hub that works with PPP (for ur information)
I received my ppp a week ago and dived into it immediately. One feature I really want to try is the desktop experience as advertised. 
I tested the Apple USB-C to HDMI adaptor I had (A1708), it only worked once (Mobian, without power input, attached hdmi cable, no usb device, must plug in before power on ppp). The apple adaptor usually works with all devices I had, PCs, Macs, iPad, android phone...just not PPP

I also tested on my Lenovo docking station, thunderbolt, of course not working.

So, I went out and bought two docks available in small stores (I have no idea how to call them, dock or hub. They all printed "hub" on the cover, but with power input, I just call them docks), these are the results:

1. Belkin usb-c multimedia hub, 60w passthrough, F4U092, ~ 86USD: hdmi worked out of the box with Mobian, PmOS, Kali, Arch. I used 15w/18w iPad power adaptor, I found no problem with hot plugging. Just switch the display scale to 100% before hot-plugging it should work very fast with no problem. usb 3.0 ports worked, the ethernet port did not work.

2. Apple A1708 & Lenovo docking station: not working, none of the ports were working

3. MoMax Onelink 8-in-1 usb-c hub, 60w passthrough, ~43USD: usb 3.0 worked. hdmi had issues with flickering screen with/without power input, all OS were the same. 
I tested this dock on my ipad, mac, worked with no issue.

I think brand (chip quality?) matters. Should have just used Belkin...

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