Can no longer take pictures, /dev/video* not recognized as video devices
This started a couple months or so ago, trying to open Megapixels just returned the error /dev/video2: No such device
I thought maybe the ribbon cable to to the camera got dislodged after dropping the phone hundreds of times, so I took them out and back in, but still had no luck with it. I could hear the lens or something clicking when trying to start Megapixels, so at least something was connecting, though it's since stopped...
I eventually updated PostmarketOS from 21.something to 22.12 thinking it was just a software issue, but it didn't help; I only got a different error: Could not find camera entity matching 'ov5640'
I also tried taking a picture with ffmpeg using all 3 /dev/videos, but got Not a video capture device and /dev/video2: No such device again.

I haven't gotten around to trying another OS yet, but I doubt this is a software issue considering that 2 other things broke as well, being the internal storage and rear speaker (kinda). Is there any way of narrowing the issue down to a specific component? Or will I have to build I2C prosthetics for my phone, or more realistically just get the Pro?

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