nand-sata-install on RAID-1 array
This afternoon I set up armbian (22.11.1/Bullseye) and a 2 SSD, Software, Raid-1 array (mdadm, /dev/md0) on my Rockpro64 following this guide. I hoped to put my OS and files on that Raid Array using the "nand-sata-install" script below for speed and redundancy.

Quote:sudo /usr/sbin/nand-sata-install

When I run "sudo /usr/sbin/nand-sata-install"
  • Choose "Boot from SPI - system on SATA, USB, or NVMe"
  • Select "1  /dev/md0" as the destination (the only option)
  • Press continue to the warning prompt "This script will erase your device /dev/md0. Continue?"
  • Select filesystem type ext4

I get the following output:

Quote:Partition too small. Needed: 1927 MB Avaliable:  MB

When I tried cfdisk to create a partition, cfdisk outputs the following warning: 

Quote:Device already contains a linux_raid_member signature; it will be removed by a write command.
I am hesitant to add a partition using cfdisk since I don't want it to cause issues with the raid array.

  • Is there any way to create a partition or expand the current partition without deleting the array?
  • Should I create partitions on those drives before I make the RAID array?
  • Is LVM a viable solution?
  • Am I approaching this incorrectly or missing a whole component of this process?

Similar issue without raid complications:

End Goal for Context:
Run a fast Nextcloud instance on top of OMV (using docker) so that I have a reliable cloud and file storage solution that allows me to work collaboratively without google, microsoft, or other privacy abusing dependancies.
pine64 has nothing to do with software made by armbian.

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